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Welcome to Antz Entertainment, home to lots of games and other fun stuff. If you love this site you'll press Ctrl + d won't you. Anyway, make sure you're using a decent browser like IE... not Netscape ;) This site functions best at 1024x768.

About Antz Entertainment
Antz Entertainment is a games and music company. It's a recent company founded in about late October of 2000 (It's the day I started all this). This isn't some big hotshot company. Lets put it this way... my office is my bedroom... If you want to join this company or become an affiliate please send me an email. At this site you get free games, music and possibly even the source to the music and games. Feel free to sign the guestbook and rate the games as well as the music.

This site is maintained by Andrew Frost (Antz). Here's a quick description of myself... I live in Adelaide, I used to go to Daws Road High (Which is now Pasadena High), I now go to Panorama TAFE doing IT and I like watching channel Ten and listening to Fresh.

War Comic Archive! You gotta see it if you like web comics!

Tank Wars Gold!!! Click here to see the nip-bits of this up and coming game from Antz Entertainment!

Thanks to Alan for the little drawings
I try to make the explosions look as good as possible :)
This is the Ground Shaker in action :)
I just called this level the Apple Orchids cause it sounded cool :)
The improved Autumn level
No tree looks the same...

Site design, my versions of Tank Wars, Mp3s, comics and anything else created by Andrew Frost Copyright 2000 Andrew Frost