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February 17
New Mp3, "Evil Trance"
It's a trancy piece with a touch of err... evilness. It sounds a bit like PPK's Resurrection. Go download it in the music section.

February 12
Tank Wars Gold stuff
Well with college back today, I can't work on TWGE as often, which means it may be a while till v1.35 let alone v1.4 can be sent out. I've put the latest info about what's happening with v1.35 on the board, so check it out if your interested.

February 11
Tank Wars Gold (Demo v1.3) downloadable!
Go to the Tank Wars Gold Edtion page to download the latest version of Tank Wars Gold (v1.3), version 1.35 is almost ready for the testers, some info about it is at the board. What are you still doing here? Go on, download the latest version of TWGE!!!

February 5
Tank Wars Gold (Demo v1.3) sent out to my testers
After applying my finishing touches I've finally sent out my latest version of TWGE to my testers. If they find nothing wrong with it, you'll soon see it in my Tank Wars Gold Edition page :)
My last TWGE shop pic update for a while :)
You may notice little highlights for each weapon/item available. A light one means you can afford that weapon/item, a gray one means you can't afford that weapon/item and a dark gray one means I still have to make that weapon/item (Not available yet, basically).

February 2
10,000 hits!
Thanks to a freak called Bonestorm who OVER-EXCITEDLY pressed refresh an uncountable amount of times!!! And judging by his guestbook sign, he is excited :) Well congrats to you... even if you did press refresh many... many, many times to reach 10,000 :)
Tank Wars Gold news
I've finished the shop and 'hopefully' all of the shop bugs. There's a few things I still have to add, but now that the shop is done... it won't be long now. If you refresh the page you'll also see the latest shop pic to your right.

February 1
A couple more hits to 10,000
When Antz Entertainment reaches 10,000 hits... I wanna know who did it. So if my hit counter says 10,000 (In the very bottom right corner) sign my guestbook or something so I know who was the first to reach 10,000 :)

January 30
This shop for Tank Wars Gold is harder than I thought...
I've come in to some memory problems with my shop cause it's too big. Now I have to optimise... all well at least I've updated the TWGE shop pic again to your right :) Remember to refresh so your browser will replace the old pic :)

January 29
Updated TWGE shop pic
I've added some more details to the shop, you may need to refresh the page or clear your cache to see it :) Also, Alan (One of my testers) is creating some awesome pics for each weapon, look out for that! ...Cause it's gonna be cool.

January 28
TWGE pic updates
The Hydrogen bomb pic has been updated as well as the night hills level, showing what they look like now :) I've also updated the TWGE page and the weapons page for TWGE, so check it out :)

January 26
All I need now is the shop and I'm sending it...
I wanna add a shop to Tank Wars Gold before emailing it, so my testers can try out the weapons :) There's a pic to your right showing what it's like, I know, nothing graphically spectacular but what else do you need?
Sites fixes
Fixed up some html and stuff about the site to try and make my pages load up faster :)

The rest of the old news was deleted to save space and time...

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