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Welcome to Antz Entertainment, home to lots of games and other fun stuff. If you love this site you'll press Ctrl + d won't you. Anyway, make sure you're using a decent browser like IE... not Netscape ;) This site functions best at 1024x768.

July 1, 2005
Just a quick update, I moved my site to I'm now called Gotenkz rather than Antz. ...I would've updated sooner but I dunno, just proceed beating me with a stick :/

June 6, 2003
No your eyes don't deceive you I updated. First off here's some test maps I made in Warcraft III Evil TD a tower defense map, Heart of Tichondrius a 50% complete RPG! Next for those who wanted the real SC-BW DBZ - All Sagas V6 I couldn't finish it due to reaching the maximum string limit for writing text. All versions V1,V2,V3,V4,V5 are real, the rest are fake and bugged :( Anyway, WC3 DBZ - All Sagas is coming along nicely. Don't hold your breath though. And give me a break for not replying to emails and signs, I get a lot of spam (that's what I get for releasing my email), just look at my guestbook, that's full of spam, and that's nothing compared to my email spam. Anyway thanks to the people who gave me feedback, I took it to heart and intend on using all your ideas. Even if I didn't reply to you, I still read it so don't worry :)

July 2
Ok I've had my birthday (June 29th), wasn't the best birthday I've had lol :) Also you may have noticed that I'm up to 15,000 hits! Keep them coming. Here's the complete DBZ - All Sagas V5 (Finally lol) Click here to download. Hope you have fun!

June 24
On June the 29th it's my birthday. Yay! Anyway, I got a new affiliate Project Punk, it's full of cool stuff especially on Blizzard's games. Anyway DBZ - All Sagas V5 is coming out. Most of you have tried V4 hopefully :) Watch out for dud versions done by other people though, it may be a week till it's actually done.

May 28
I'm updating really early in the morning to say a few things. First I've updated the new layout on some more pages and ALSO I've actually touched my TWGE code since... quite a while! I'm gonna quickly get it done. Also, I'm thinking of putting up a StarCraft maps section... And now some personal notes, Nic I'm still doing that DBZ All Sagas V3 map and Alan hurry up and learn how to code graphics so you can finish my game ;) Erm that's it :)

May 26
Added another cool link. Jungle ravers, a London-based Drum and Bass information site. Check it out.

May 24
I told you I'm still updating... anyway Vplanet is back up and I've got a new affiliate, Atom's Web Page. Yup well that's it for now.

March 30
So what's up with the updates? Well I am a bit busy at the moment. I've got a few new animated pics in the top right corner. They are a girl, a 3 headed ogre and a demon. Just keep pressing refresh until you find them. I've also updated the about page. As well as that I've done a review for Vplanet, which reminds me... don't worry Vplanet will be back up soon :) The start of a new year is always the busiest so be patient :) I'm thinking of converting all of TWGE to Java to make it online playable. Imagine playing someone from the other side of the world, cool huh? Anyways I'm still making that new guestbook. Ciao...

March 6
Ok I'm pretty happy with this design... are you? Anyway, I'm off to make a new guestbook and update the rest of the pages.

March 5
Fixed up the site a bit more, the text is now using the font Verdana and the size of the page is now half in size! Thanks to some manual HTML coding. Also my counter is stuffed up since bravenet are having a few technical difficulties. Should be back to normal in a few days.

March 3
Fixed up the old news page a bit... a bit. It uh hasn't really been formatted properly, the text that is... and I can't be bothered formatting 60kb worth of text, it takes too long. If anyone wants to do it for me though, that would be a great help! I've also made a few fixes with the new layout like putting that blue wavy thing on only once.

March 1
So what took me so long to update? Well basically I've made a brand new layout. Also I've created 2 new songs (Might upload them) as well as been working on a review for Vplanet, reading up on 3d programming for C and Java and making a bit more of Tank Wars Gold and also doing college. Also in the big news is the fact that we've reached 11,000 hits and also I got a new affiliate. Guess which one it is. Phew that was a lot to update about!

War Comic Archive! You gotta see it if you like web comics!

Tank Wars Gold!!! Click here to see the nip-bits of this up and coming game from Antz Entertainment!

Thanks to Alan for the little drawings
I try to make the explosions look as good as possible :)
This is the Ground Shaker in action :)
I just called this level the Apple Orchids cause it sounded cool :)
The improved Autumn level
No tree looks the same...

Site design, my versions of Tank Wars, Mp3s, comics and anything else created by Andrew Frost Copyright 2000 Andrew Frost