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Tank Wars Gold
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Tank Wars Gold Edition News
June 7
I've added some pics of the game. Currently I'm working on the playable side of the engine.
About Tank Wars Gold Edition
Tank Wars Gold Edition is the sequel to Tank Wars (The Original). TWGE will have practically everything that Tank Wars could and couldn't do. This will be a superior version to the original version of Tank Wars. I'm hoping to finish this game by July... ish... I hope :)
The New Features
Death Match - You're general all on all (Or free for all). The objective is to destroy the others tanks and be the last one standing.
Team Play - Like Death Match except you can set teams. You can set the teams colours and also set how the team works together. eg. You can share money, health, awards etc.
Thin Red Line - No it's not the movie :) This is my version of capture the flag. So you may be asking... how can you play capture the flag if your tank can't move? Well in this, each team is on one half with their team flag at the ends of their side. In the middle is a "thin red line". What the objective is, is to shoot the enemy flag over the thin red line and into your base. This is how you score cash in Thin Red Line. You can also set options so your team mates can share the cash, or you can just give the cash to your team mate who got the flag over.
In The Hole - This is replacing party play, basically it's like golf except you use the turret as your golf club and the bomb as your ball :)
Challenges - Here is where you can do challenges and earn rewards such as cheats or secret levels. eg. Beat a professional AI 3 times in a row for the city level. Also challenges are saved so you keep what you have achieved.
Network Support - I'm thinking of making it possible to use IPX/SPX protocols as well as TCP/IP so you can play over a network or using a modem.
Multiplayer - 8 players can play at once (Human or Computer)
Weapons - 25+ weapons to choose from including... Liquid Napalm, Cluster Bomb, Compressed Island bomb and Golden Angel :) Click here to see the full list and details on them...
Logging - I'm thinking of adding a text document that keeps a log of whether the game has got an error in it or not. If so it will put TWG into safe mode so you can fix the error. eg. The monitor can't handle the resolution you put it on, so you go into safe mode to change it back. Also it could keep logs of the AI, your challenges completed and any settings you've changed.
Cool winning Screen - When someone wins a closing circle highlights them to show who's won. If it's a draw, blood drops down from the screen. Also a cool sliding text/metal screen comes up to show the stats after each game!
Graphics now improved with a choice of 800x600 or 640x480 resolution as well as a possible 256 colours on screen at once!!!
Landscape now looks better and land also falls better
Better looking shop which includes a talking shop dude :)
Sound Blaster Support - I'm adding in cool explosion effects coming straight out of your sound speakers!
Award system - Here is where you can win awards. E.g. Most Accurate, Most Kills, Most Suicidal, Most Deadly, Least Deadly and etc...
Better controls - Choose between the num-keys or the arrow keys.
Artificial intelligence
-More computer AI's to choose from
-AI's are faster and smarter at thinking
-AI's play around with their opponents if the player they are versing against is crap
-The computer keeps a log of an AI's intelligence so it can get smarter every time you play the game!!!
-Create your own AI templates