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Welcome to Antz Entertainment, home to lots of games and other fun stuff. If you love this site you'll press Ctrl + d won't you. Anyway, make sure you're using a decent browser like IE... not Netscape ;) This site functions best at 1024x768.

Tank Wars Gold Edition News
Click here to download Tank Wars Gold (Demo v1.30)

February 11
Yay!!! You can now download the latest version of Tank Wars Gold (Demo v1.3), version 1.35 is almost ready for the testers, some info about it is at the board. What are you still doing reading this? Go on, download the latest version of TWGE!!!

January 28
Stuck a few new pics to your right :) I've also updated the weapons page showing some of the Items you can buy as well as the upgrades you can get!

January 24
The latest version of TWGE is going great, I've just increased the AI's intelligence 10 fold. It can now have perfect accuracy, while using the perfect strategy at a fraction of a second it took before :) Hopefully I can release this new version before February :)

January 21
New pic and also a new weapon called the Mini Impact Cannon. I've been working on the weapons right now, about 20% of them are complete :)

January 8
There's now a gif to your right, showing melting trees :)

January 7
3 new pics of the game are to the right. Sorry about not updating this page for quite a while... I usually prefer updating my lastest info on TWGE to the front page... it's easier there :) Anyways, besides the new pics, I've put up the new and improved weapons page :)

Oct 27
My first demo of Tank Wars Gold has been released! Click here to download Tank Wars Gold! More information and updates on this game are coming soon... soon I tell you...

Aug 4
I've included the AI now, which is much smarter and faster at thinking than my AI from Tank Wars (Original). Also I've included the shop and begun work on my title screen. Alsoooo... I've added in the stats section as well as a cool winning screen, which is either a sliding metal door, a closing circle or blood dripping down. Currently I'm working on pixel morphing by changing data inside a 2d array of pixels (sprite). If I can get it going properly, my bullets will have cool trailing effects, like smoke and stuff :D Finally, I've added in this (experimental) timer to keep the game going at the same speed on all computers. Well that's all for now :)

July 16
I've fixed up a few errors that I've found in the game and also made the game more playable. All players get to have their turn and hurt each other now :) Also I've added a couple of new pics to your right as well as some more information on TWG below. Also here's what I think I'll include in the demo...
- 8 players, human or computer
- 8 level templates
- 2 to 5 weapons
- Border flashes when a bomb bounces off it
- A simple shop, title and options screen
I don't think I'll include different resolutions just yet and that goes for network support and sound blaster sound too. Don't worry, there will be more demos to come. This first demo is just a very basic demo to show what the game plays like :)

July 12
I've made the projectile movement algorithm now. So far this games (get this) 10000x faster than the original and without any flicker! Shocked? You should be. And go to the weapons page, there's a new weapon called the cannon, which is replacing the mini bomb. It's very different, trust me ;)

July 11
I've added 3 new pics to the right. They show some of the new looks of the tanks as well as the new looks for some of the levels. I've also just fixed a major file linking problem and with that out of the way, the progress of this game is looking good :) Also I've made a tank placement algorithm which is very advanced, but a bit slow... stay tuned for more info, pics and that demo I keep promising.

June 28
I've added a weapons section to this page showing all of the weapons I'm currently using in the game.

June 25
I've been working on improving the levels looks like adding water and skies to them. I've fixed a few things around this page, see if you can spot them...

June 23
I've been working mainly on the lands. I've now made the lands look better, load faster and also I've added some new lands, yay... You can find some pics of the new lands to the right. Basically I've added an Autumn level and also a Desert Hills level.

June 7
I've added some pics of the game. Currently I'm working on the playable side of the engine.

War Comic Archive! You gotta see it if you like web comics!


I try to make the explosions look as good as possible :)
This is the Ground Shaker in action :)
I just called this level the Apple Orchids cause it sounded cool :)
The improved Autumn level
No tree looks the same...
Example of melting trees :)
Snow cones anyone?
Coconuts anyone?
Erm... a melted tree anyone?
New title screen. Night time version! :)
Here's the new and improved stats screen.

Sent in by entity, thanks dude!

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