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Tank Wars Gold Weapons

This is my highlight of making my site and game. I dunno about you but I like talking about the weapons and so fourth in my game. When I get a new game from the stores the first thing I look for in the manual is the types of levels, weapons and badguys there are. I don't bother looking at how to play, cause I can figure that part out myself. Anyways, thanks to Lord Nic for some, I say some of these weapon ideas.

Cannon - This weapon replaces the mini bomb from the original. This is basically a massive steel ball made to be fired at your enemies. They don't make explosions, just dents, and big ones at that. And also, these bullets stay where they are, this means you can make up a mini island with these bombs if you have enough...

Normal Bomb - Like before, it's your standard bomb. Has a nasty circular explosion. Nasty I say, nasty.

Mega Bomb - More than twice as nasty as your normal bomb.

Fat Bomb - It's fat man, it's fat. This is an improvement to the mega bomb.

Hydrogen Bomb - Contains the power of the sun. Nuff said. Well not really...

Cluster Bomb x3 - Fires just like a normal bomb but when it reaches the peak of it's arc it explodes in to 3 more bombs! Isn't that amazing? Arn't you excited? Go away Big Kev, I don't need you to tell me it's exciting...

Heavy Cluster Missile x5 - This baby will wet your pants. erm... yes... moving on.... this is like the cluster bomb except it contains missiles and 5 of them too!

Butterfly Bomb x8 - When this bomb reaches the peak of it's arc it gracefully explodes into a number of falling fans that explode on impact. This bomb is greatly affected by wind. And no, there isn't butterflies in this bomb.

Spring Grenade - It's a grenade that likes to bounce around allot. Did I mention that it's bouncy?

Cluster Grenade x5 - Take a wild guess what this does. It explodes into a number of grenades that bounce off the hills allot. Careful you may get addicted to this bomb. There's this dog I know that... well I'll stop there.

Compressed Dirt Bomb - You can make these in your own backyard! Just get some dirt, apply some water and roll it into a ball. Then throw it at someone. I'd use it if Big Kev gets too close to you. Don't throw too much though, he may get all excited and start showing off all his cleaning products.

Compressed Island Bomb - Instant paradise, just add water...

Hunter Seeker Missile - This bomb is for sad people who can't be stuffed to aim. It homes in on the nearest tank to itself, excluding the tank that fired it.

Liquid Napalm Bomb - This is a nasty one. On impact it spews out this orange liquid and once the liquid hardens it blows up. Watch it, this weapon is an addictive one...

Acid Rain Bomb - On Impact it creates a nasty gray and green cloud that makes acid rain. Anything in the area will get burned by the acid from the acid cloud.

Teleport Bomb - Teleports you places. It depends on where it lands though...

Virus Bomb - Makes enemy tanks do silly things.

Sentry Gun - This deflects enemies bombs and missiles from hitting you.

Mass Airstrike - Sends in an army of Jets to send some rockets in to wipe out the area targeted.

Earthquake Bomb - Shakes and bakes the ground. Well maybe not bake. But it shakes it and makes the land crumble into a heap of mesh, or whatever.

Heavy Earthquake Bomb - Same but stronger.

Plasma Head - A nasty little missile that creates several blue little explosions on impact.

Nuclear Warhead - Makes a big bang. And it comes complete with a mushroom cloud.

Ion Cannon - Fire a laser that is unaffected by wind that is sooo powerful that it wipes out nearly half the land in the area. You gotta see this baby in action. It'll make you more excited than that monkey over there.

Golden Angel x8 - It's unknown what this does. erm... yes... you'll have to play it to find out what it does.

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