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How to become an affiliate with me

So you want to be an affiliate with me? Well there are 3 things you should do...

1. You must have a decent site (It can be on anything you want) and it must be updated occasssionally. I don't wan't someone who hasn't updated for 3 years asking me to be an affiliate just to get hits :)

2. You must have my link on your site. Since my affiliate links are on my front page, you should too. If you only put me in the links section, that's ok, I'll just not advertise your site in my news section :P For the people who get me a lot of hits each day or have me on the front page on top of all the other links I'll personally say in my news section to ask everyone to visit your site :D

3. I will only accept legal sites :) No illegal ones please :)

Depending on how many hits you get me will determine where I place you in my affiliates section. New affiliates usually start at the bottom and slowly work their way up :)

Anyway, that's it!

Use this above if you want a banner to link to my site.
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